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Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

It’s seems as if we just put away the Christmas decor and we already have to redecorate. When you have small kids at home, it’s almost a must to decorate for each holiday. (Just do it, they will thank you later.) Yes, even if they come and go quickly. To make life a bit easier, here’s a few Valentine’s Day quick home decor ideas.

As much as I love DIY, it can does take more time than expected to finish one decor piece from the 5 I had in mind. For this holiday, it’s easiest to find ideas like these that I can quickly switch a few pieces to adjust to each season. These ideas are quick and easy. Not much thought process involved. Sometimes it’s basically switching the green rocks from Christmas to red glittery hearts for Valentines and be done.


Vases are great investment pieces since they are easy to incorporate to everything else from season to season.  Simply take a few hearts  and add them to your existing decor around the home like neutral pieces. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be too extravagant, as long as the kids feel its spirit around the home.


Flowers bring a space to life with their vibrate colors. Something so simple as adding candy to a Vase of Tulips can make it so holiday sweet and kid friendly.


3. There’s never too many XOXO’s and love quotes around the home. Just incas there is one too many though, here’s another simple piece that represents the holiday. Wood work pieces are great a great idea for the mantel or bare walls.


4. If you are up for a little DIY, there are so many possibilities. Such as an old window with a vinyl piece combo.


5.  When there’s a creative block and you just don’t have the energy for something fancy. My top suggestion is always pillows. Pillow decor is the easiest way to decorate season after season if life is too fast for everything else. You don’t have to have a bunch of pillows stashed in your closet taking up space, you just have to know to choose one great one. I created a whole post about it. You can also do them yourself or have them handcrafted to what makes you happy. So many options…


6. Not a pink and red type of person but still Love the idea of love in the air for your mantel? This idea is for you. It’s the same as when you are adding prints to your home. It all depends on your tolerance level to the prints and accent pieces taking up the space around you.


7. After all is up and done, don’t forget your Valentine’s Day Cards.  The kids will love these. With as fast as life gets, sometimes it’s easiest to print and go.

How do you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day?