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A Must-Be-Done Alteration for Prom

Prom night is a night you’ll remember forever. For some, it’s the first or the only night they’ll ever have the chance to get dolled up for such a glamorous event. Prom’s like walking in a beauty pageant or a red carpet gala, you want everything to be perfect. Ladies, the goal is to be sure you are “gliding” on that special night. Alterations may seem like a costly adjustment, but I promise it’s worth every penny. Just as your prom budget consists of hair, nails, and shoes, don’t forget to budget in an extra $100 for alterations. Alterations is the difference between you wearing the dress and the dress wearing you.  If all-around alterations is out of your budget, the most important alteration you should consider having done is the hem. A hem alteration is usually about $20 to $80 depending on the volume of the dress, the amount of layers, and where the service will be. Consult your local seamstress for a more precise quote. If this will be your first time seeking this service, ask about previous work. A hem, as simple as it may seem, does require the right kind of skills. So do some research and ask for references. Know who you are trusting with your dress to and see the value in their work.


Strapless dresses as popular as they may be, are not for everyone, BUT if you have your heart set on one, try and make it work for you by wearing a girdle for proper support. The girdle is an item that no one will notice if you have it on, but will notice if you are in need of one. If ordering your dress online, know what measurements to focus on and let a professional take care of the rest. An alternative route to bodice alterations is selecting a prom dress with a corset back for an adjustable fit. This particular dress had a zip closure so alterations were a must.  It had a total of 2″ inches taken in on the sides which meant removing each of the jewels on the side and replacing them individually when finished. Something to keep in mind is that alterations are often not so much hard as they are time consuming and it is the time in the expert’s hands that you are paying for. The skills of the seamstress or tailor determines the hourly charge.


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