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The Perfect Wedding Dress


Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful at the same time. Finding the right sources to get the jobs done facilitates the process. Knowing what is required from them makes it even easier for you to ensure a smooth service. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, it’s not about a particular one.  It’s about a particular one looking perfect on you making it your perfect wedding dress.

dress for with white lace tulle wedding dress heart shape neckline thin straps

We all come in different shapes and sizes. From our silhouette, height, weight, etc. When you walk into a bridal store, most of the time what you see are samples. So they are most likely not going to fit right off the rack. Not a reason to be discouraged because what you are focusing at this point is the style, cut, fabric, details and color. In some places, they’ll have your size in stock, in others it takes about 6 months to have it ready. One thing to always consider to budget in when determining the amount you want spend on the dress, are alterations.

buy wedding dress and seek alteration seamstress help for the perfect fit

Alterations are a vital task for your wedding day. Yet many think it’s not worth the investment and bypass the idea. Please reconsider. Alterations are just as important as getting your hair done. Even more important than nails, make-up and accessories (not even kidding). The goal of every bride is to look breath taking that day and it’s hard to do so when you are dragging the hem, or having to pull up your strapless dress that was never altered.  Consider alterations and I promise you won’t regret it.

alteration detailed work sheers, tape measure, dress form  white tulle lace wedding dress

Alterations can be costly in proportionate to what you paid for your dress. That’s because it not only takes time to have the fitting with you, it’s also easier to make a whole dress than to undo and redo the seams replace any details and leave it as good as new. It’s all about perspective. Many see it as paying say $30 for the 2″inches that it’s being taken in. $30 for 2″inches, wow, that can seem outrageously priced. In reality though, what you are paying for, is the trust in a professional’s hands with the experience needed to be able to take your dress apart, or cut, adjust it with precision, and re assemble to leave it as if it was never altered but instead made just for you.

seamstress sheers hand cut details when altering a wedding dress hemline

Think of it this way. So you got a deal on your dress and it cost $400 from the $800 it cost originally.  Yay! that’s great, that means that even if the alterations come to $200 you basically got $200 dollars worth of free alterations. Alterations is not something to negotiate on getting a price cut because it is manual labor detailed work. A price cut would mean taking shortcuts that may not be worth taking. It’s one of the services that are not outrageously priced even if it seems so. On the contrary I believe most of the time it is underpriced.

There are different alternatives to having the alterations done in house, but know the pros and cons before finalizing your decision. You also need to know what to take with you to make it a successful fitting.

Just about all special occasion dresses are made to be altered. Depending on your height, there may be a few that may be better if not considered as your option.

white lace tulle thin strap wedding dress

Usually the length is the one alteration that just about always needs to be done. It can be shortened at the waist or hem. If the dress’s details are at the hem and waist and can not be readjusted, you will loose the main details which were probably a key point to buying that dress.

Talk to your go to seamstress and take a photo of you wearing the dress before buying it to ensure it can be altered to your liking and at a considerable price point.