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Summer Shorts

As the warm weather is peeking around the corner, doesn’t it feel as if the mall is calling your name? Oh gosh, but you still need to save, and the kids need summer clothes, too. Oh the overwhelming sensation of wanting to choose the want over the need. Have you ever thought about going shopping in your own closet first? I know I know, we always look at our closets full of clothes while insisting we have nothing to wear (with a pout). I want you to glance over and take a deeper look. You may have something in there that can be turned into say shorts for summer…

I often tell my kids to not only take care of their stuff, but to use what they have until they can not use it  anymore. I rather spend money on new stuff than on the same things over and over again due to carelessness. So if you have a pair of pants, or jeans that have a fantastic fit at the waist but you’re not too crazy about the out dated bottom, then let’s start there.

Instead of a wide leg, lets take them in a bit or shorten them. You can turn flares to skinny, long to capris, bermudas or short shorts. These shorts were to flared so I took them in on the sides and raised the hem. Turned them into a boxy fit style keeping the cuffed hem finish. You can also choose what type of hem you’ll want on your new and improved item. So many possibilities right in your own closet.

You can do a little DIY if you’re up for a project. If you opt for a cuffed hem, I recommend you take it to someone that knows what she or he is doing because it can be too tricky for a DIY first timer.

Some items in you closet may still be there with months or years of not being worn because you may not be too crazy about the style, but do like the fabric or color so much that you’re not ready to let go. So in that case, lets reinvent them and get them in our often worn pile.

Alteration costs do vary city by city, but shouldn’t be more than $25 dollars in most areas.  Cuffed hem is the most expensive type of hem and that’s due to some fabrics being easy to work with while others take a little more time and more hand work to get the right finish.

For a few bucks, you have a new pair of bottoms. Sometimes it’s not even about the money saved. It’s also about strengthening our green print. Why throw out a good item that can be tweeked to good as new?

royal blue strapless straps long tank
With the money saved, you may add a cute colored top to your closet instead. What’s one item you haven’t worn in a while that has potential after a visit to a tailor?