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School’s back in session for most, it’s time to make some room for your kids workspace. Moms everywhere are ready for a little bit of self time. Even though we all know our “self time” means preparing anything our family needs. From shopping lists, laundry, cleaning, meals or ease into a “back-to-school” organization routine.

If you haven’t yet, make  the first day special and get the kids pumped up by printing out their personalized back-to-school sign and snap those pics. 

First day already happened and it slipped your mind? No worries, it’s still ok to take these memory photos within the first couple of weeks. I’m sure not much has changed since, right? Gymboree Sale On Now!

It doesn’t take much to realize how quickly we forget everything we need to keep up with, when it comes to our kid’s activities. Here’s an easy way to stay organized throughout the year and avoid a quick burnout with the kid’s busy schedules.   These double sided printable pages are ideal since they add less bulk at the command center and are able to fit in many activities.

Haven’t built your command center yet? Here’s a Quick Start list to create your own customized command center making it your own.

  • Cork Board Any size, shape, and board will do. Consider the space where it will be mounted and all else that will be added on or around it. Cork Panel Bulletin Board for sketches, special notes, or birthday invites your kids may have. It’s their own personal space.

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  • Calendar is the main focus of the command center. Choose a calendar that accommodates all the needed schedules. You can have each child keep track of their own calendar or choose one for the whole family.

Here’s a list of office essentials to keep the work flow going. Wall Pocket is where all the “important papers” go. You know, those that you have to look over and sign. This makes it easy to get back to them after putting the kids to bed or in the morning while sipping on your coffee.

peanuts & Thread The command center can be placed just about anywhere. The entry way, kitchen, hallway, or the kid’s bedroom. Where ever you think will be best. Although it makes sense, it doesn’t have to be where the workspace is. If a work space is ideal, create their own homework station and start with a desk that defines  his/her/their style. Making it their own.

command center ideas

If you don’t have space to add a desk, get creative with what you do have. There are many areas of the home that can be designated as homework stations to have the kids get into the routine of getting their homework done after school.

  1. Use the diningroom table with a cady at hand. Add their essentials that can easily be packed and put away when finished. You are able to cook while assisting them with their homework and the command center on the fridge makes this space versatile.
  2.  Use the existing furniture and redefine its purpose.

peanuts and thread This room had no more square footage for a desk. With everything being turned upside down and given a new purpose nowadays, I decided to bring these cubbies down to their side and create an office/craft space. It was a hit with the kids. I didn’t know this tiny bedroom could be so spacious.  I brought in my bar stool chairs in and voila! Don’t hold back on getting your creative juices flowing when needed. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

We customized the cubbies to their liking and guess how we made it happen? For these cubbies, our main item is cardstock paper. (More on that later) Get a color scheme going and if placed in the bedroom, add the bedding into the scheme as well.  

Don’t forget about the reading nook that can be just as important. A floor pillow gets the kids cozy wanting to spend time reading their favorite books. You don’t always have to break the bank to decorate. Take what you have around your home, or what you find on sale to create the perfect space. There’s nothing less motivating than a disorganized workspace. How have you been getting ready for your back to school routine?

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35 thoughts on “Kid’s Workspace ~ Create

  1. Very cute and simple. We’re about to start our first year of homeschooling, so I’ve been trying to figure out where to make a work station, great idea! Thanks!

  2. These are great ideas! My oldest is going into 5th grade and every year there is a little more homework, so we need to get our space organized pronto!

  3. neat, clean and simple… now tell me why they wouldnt do the homework? every child loves some comfort and owning their own zone. .. COMFORT ZONE.

    will share this for a few friends.

  4. Going to share these ideas with my daughter. Her oldest is starting kindergarten and she wants a place set aside for school work. Plus she wants all school item to go in one place so they don’t get lost.

    1. Thanks Heather, the best part is that you don’t have to wait for your first home. This is an apartment bedroom. I finally told myself to stop waiting for a home to be able to decorate my kid’s room. I took what I had in space and items and used my creativity to make it work. I only bought a few essentials.

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