How to Shop for Kids Costumes on Etsy

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If you can’t find exactly what you need but found someone who has amazing work on a similar item. You have the opportunity to ask if what you are searching to find can be made.  For example your kids costumes.  Whether it be for Halloween, a birthday party or just because, handmade costumes are always a great idea. To make it a great experience, you have come to the right place for a details on how to shop for Kids Costumes on Etsy.

Dinosaur wings halloween costume Like in everything, you have to do your research first. There are so many great crafters out there with top quality work, you just have to look around to find one that matches your style and that is legit.

Blue Dragon boy costume The great thing about using this online marketplace is that you have a message button to ask questions when interested on an item. Don’t  be afraid to use it. A great listing should have just about all the information needed such as the

  • size (measurement details below)
  • fabric type
  • fabric stretch
  • color
  • material (closures, trimmings, accessories)
  • turn around times
  • shipping costs (we understand shipping can be expensive, but the prices are beyond our control.)
  • additional cost to any alterations

However, keep in mind that crafters are always busy creating.  Creating takes a lot more time than you think and they might be behind on their details.  So if their listings are not fully described use the “message the seller” tool to get more information on it.

If you want to know more about the seller before inquiring, check out the seller’s store and customer reviews.  They might have social media,  where you can see the quality of work for other projects, their style, and even get a glimpse of their work in progress.

Save up to 50% off with GymBucks! When inquiring about kids clothes of any kind. The most common concern of the buyer is “will it fit”. In order to run things smoothly when contacting the seller, have a list of questions ready since messaging back and forth can be time consuming for you as well as the seller. Ask about:

  • the fabric and any safety concerns
  • types of closures (i.e. buttons, velcro, zipper)
  • the stretch of the fabric
  • the cost of any add ons or changes
  • the size in measurements

Measurements are always the main concern when ordering a costume like this one. I always recommend to take a garment that your child fits in similar to the way you wish this costume will. Choose something similar in

  • fabric stretch
  • thickness
  • size

So for this item, you would want to base the measurements off a set of comfortable fitted pajamas.

Measuring lying flat means laying the garment down on a flat surface and measuring straight across and up and down. Be sure to specify this to the seller and ask if any additional measurements are needed.

taking Boys measurements

Chest width is measuring straight across from arm pit to armpit.

measuring kids halloween costume Center front to crotch is straight down from the middle of the neck to the leg opening. You can double check by taking this actual measurement on the child and specify what is the actual measurement so the seller knows if wiggle room inches need to be added.

fitting blue jumpsuit The over all length starts where the shoulder line and neckline meet down to the hem of the jumpsuit or dress.

how to measure boys costume Shoulder to wrist  is from the armhole to the sleeve hem. Preferably on the top like so.

Hem Widths are the width of the arm cuff opening the the width of the pants hem or dress hem width.

Communication is key when buying handmade anywhere. Handmade work is very valuable and you are fortunate to be able to have someone handcraft something for you or as in this case for your child.  Designers of any kind are often under valued because we love what we do and do it with love which is hard to put a dollar price on it. Often times as much as the price my seem thru the roof, it still may not be priced high enough for what it’s worth. We as crafters and designers appreciate your consideration and appreciate your support and keeping this line of artwork alive.

Have you shopped at Etsy? What do you shop for?

Save up to 50% off with GymBucks!

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