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How to Take Down Your Measurements for Your Prom Dress

Prom season is approaching. Time to go shopping for that gown that calls your name.  Once you have determined your price point, whether ordered online or directly from a boutique, always put money aside for alteration adjustments.  To ease up on needing so many alterations, there are a few points you will want to consider for a proper fit. It starts with knowing how to take down a good set of measurements for your prom dress.

Prom dresses come in a pretty standard size. Don’t fret on needing them adjusted because just about everyone (skinny, curvy, tall, or petite) needs something done. Knowing your measurements if ordering online will make it easier to get a good starting point to a successful fitting. If possible, where the undergarments that you will be wearing that day. If taking down your measurements, wear tightly fitted clothing.

You don’t need anyone’s help necessarily, although it can be fun having a friend to help.  All you need is a measuring tape, this post and a mirror. One thing to keep in mind while taking your measurements is that you have to be honest. Embrace your curves and keep it real. Tightening up the tape to jot down a smaller size won’t help the over all look. Here’s a tip : You look thinner (no matter your size) when you wear your proper size. So lets relax and rest the tape instead of tightening it. You should be able to fit the thickness of a finger between the tape and your body. When choosing the dress, remember when it comes to alteringit’s always better to take in than to let out. 

  • Bust Measurement:  This is not your bra measurement. With your arms relaxed at your sides (if having help) wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. Not tight but tight enough that it won’t fall. Try to keep it parallel for accuracy. It’s best to connect the ends on your side rather than in the middle. If you don’t know what 36 1/4 is, then right down, (36 ll) for 2 lines or however many lines is after the number.

  • Waist Measurement: The waist measurement is you smallest part of your torso. Here’s a tip: bend down as if touching your toes. The crease made below your bust is where your true waist is. Remember to rest, not tighten the tape.

Remember to try to keep it as parallel to the floor as possible.

  • Hips Measurement: The hips measurement isn’t necessary for all gowns. This measurement is mainly for mermaid style dresses. Lay the tape on the widest part of your hips. Connect the ends on your side for a better accuracy.

Once all measurements are jotted down, round the numbers to the nearest half or full number. (The half way point between inches is the longest of the lines in the middle of both numbers.) If the measurements don’t all match with what the dress offers, go with the dress that fits your largest measurement. You’ll want to do the same if physically trying on dresses. Consider the fabric of the dress and don’t worry about the length. It will usually need altering. Unless you are tall, be sure to take note of the length. Alterations are a vital task for prom night.  There are ways to put them on top of the priority list.