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6 Reasons to Start Your Halloween Costume Shopping Early.

Halloween is a few months away. Do you need 6 reasons to start your shopping early? Most of our minds are still in the mid of summer, approaching the back-to-school season. The Halloween holiday planning thing is in the far back of our minds.

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So you say, “get back to us on this topic say mid September”. No worries, I will (wink) I know there are people that shop ahead of time. Here’s a few reasons to start with a couple months in advance.

1: DEALS & STEALS: Kids know what they want when it comes to their favorite character.  Halloween Costumes are on sale for most of the year except during the month of October. That’s when the last minute halloween shopping happens.

Costume shopping in mid July can save you money if that is your objective. It also doesn’t get in the way of school shopping in August.  Shop before the high demand costumes are gone or raise in price. For example, something tells me that  Disguise Uma Classic Descendants 2 Costume, Teal, Small (4-6X)  will be in high demand this year. (Good luck on finding one in October)

The chances of finding what your are looking for increase when you shop early. Possibly less shipping charges and faster delivery. Depending on where you shop. Amazon makes it so easy to just order and done. I was impressed when I received my order on a Sunday. Can’t go wrong there.

2: CUSTOM MADE – Every so often, kids come up with “unique” requests, say… “Stuffy” from Doc. McStuffins.  As the super mom that you are to make it happen, instead of burning yourself out trying to find it online, in-stores, or under every rock in town, try consulting a seamstress.

Putting in your order this early will give you enough time to have it done well in advance. (Avoiding those short notice fees)  Keep good communication and it should get done smoother than you think.  In most cases custom means more expensive, but you are purchasing one of a kind quality work that you can’t get thru retailers.

Handmade options aren’t for everyone. If you don’t see the value, stick with retail. Consulting a designer this early, will give you enough time to communicate about the options available to cutting down the costs.


peanuts and thread

Peanuts & Thread

3: DIY:  Talking about cutting costs. If you are on a tight budget, or feel like getting a bit crafty, perhaps a do-it-yourself project will do. Find anything online from how to sew capes, tulle tutu skirts, wings, crowns, even boot covers.

Depending on your sewing expertise, it does require a bit of time and supplies.  Evaluate the true costs of taking on a project. You don’t want to be that mom that rather “make it for $99 instead of buying it for $7 ” Make sure you do your homework and don’t leave it until last minute.

Willing to splurge but not so much?  Here’s something new. Pattern work is half the battle. Having your halloween costume custom made, can double or triple the cost of store bought after adding the price of work and materials used.

No it’s not a rip off, there is a lot of detailing involved. Crafters don’t buy in bulk, all of the supplies used are purchased at retail prices. We wouldn’t want anyone working under minimum wage as we wouldn’t ourselves, now would we?

We understand that as much as you know custom made is worth every penny, it’s not always in your budget to spend so much.  That is why it is good to communicate with your seamstress or in this case, “pattern maker” to meet half way in order to save a few bucks.

Here at we offer costum patterns for the size and costume you need.  No more battling on how those store bought patterns work. The patterns you’ll receive thru mail will be ready to just lay out and cut with precise instructions on how to assemble.

Visit our Etsy Store to see what we have available or Contact Us with an image similar to what you are looking for to get started. You’ll be surprised how kids love and appreciate your hard work.


4: BETTER SELECTION: Frugal living is repurpose, refashion, and save in time, money, and materials whereever possible. Shopping early means you get first dibs on everything out there. Fairy and superhero costumes, Teen Titans, Pokemon costumes in most likely lower prices. If you’re thinking on kids costumes is “they will only wear them once” then this is good news. There are many online consignment shops that sell costumes at a fraction of the cost.

If you shop consignment keep in mind there is a limit on the selection in stock and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Here’s a money saving tip: if shopping consignment locally, take your old costumes with you. Have that money go toward your new ones.

thread peanuts

5: PARTY PLANNING: You can’t forget about your party planning suppliesGet them all in one place or have them customized to your theme.


6: Halloween Holiday Decorations: Once October hits, you want to be ready to decorate at home. Don’t wait until last minute to purchase your accents. The days go by way too fast. The reason for the holidays are for the  kids to enjoy them. A couple of weeks doesn’t seem enough for them to take in the excitement of the holiday.

When will you start planning?

32 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Start Your Halloween Costume Shopping Early.

  1. Thanks for sharing! We are looking forward to our first Halloween with our new baby. I have already started planning — but haven’t quite decided what he will be (right now I am leaning towards a Minion).

  2. Great post!
    I’m one of those people who starts to plan their Haloween and Pust (Carnival) costumes a year ahead because I just love those two holidays XD

  3. Honestly one of the things about being a mom (in the future), that I look forward to is halloween! I can’t wait to throw parties and dress up babies 😀

  4. I can’t believe it’s already August! I know fall and Halloween will be here before I know it! Some really great reasons to plan ahead – I will probably make my own costume this year and I’m really excited about it!

  5. Oooo! Definitely time to start thinking of something now! It’s difficult with my son because he’s 4 and constantly changes his mind about everything, but I can find something adorable for my twins. 🙂 Thanks for these amazing reminders!

  6. Shopping early is a great idea! We usually just go to Party City and let the kids pick out what they want to be, but last year we went so late that everything was sold out. We had to be their 3rd choice pick. ;/

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