Doll Bunk Bed Bedding Set DIY

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December is gone, the kid’s gifts are done and over with. The family is good and the holidays were great.  Now comes the part of answering questions like “how do I play with my new toy?” It seems like it’s a never ending stream of things they wish that came along with their brand new doll.

It’s January, you can find great deals on furniture and accessories like a bunk bed per say on Amazon.

….Or you can save a few extra bucks by making one of your own. To the size you need.

I would love to be able to buy everything my kids want this week, next week and so on. From experience, I’ve learned the power of saying no and giving them the alternative of working for what they want instead. It turns out that they love working for what they want and appreciate the yes’s after more no’s have been given.

Making a bunkbed for her dolls was easy. You can put as much effort in the creative process as you would like. You can also make a single bed with these instructions. It’s super easy and few tools are needed so just about anyone can make one.

Before heading to the hardware store the kid’s helped me jot down the doll’s measurements. I added about an inch to both length, width and a few extra for the height.  This bed can be made for a 15″ to an 18″ doll. Measurements for the height and width don’t have to be precise, but do leave enough room for space. Plus keep in mind the length of the corner posts. They should extend higher than the top bed panel. Don’t forget to take a pencil and measuring tape with you when you go shopping for the wood.
What’s good about this project is that you only need a few basic tools. Which you are most likely to have around the house already.

  • hammer
  • pencil
  • drywall sanding sheets
  • hacksaw or any saw with small teeth
  • small nails
  • long nails
  • ruler or measuring tape

I took a large sheet of approx. 24″x 48″ inches of plywood MDF panel board. If you can find one that is closer to the sizes you need great. I had a crew member cut it for me to the desired size. He could only make one cut so I chose the length because I could fit 3 panels with the width I needed.

Pieces needed:

  • 2x bottom bed boards
  • 2x head boards
  • 2x foot boards

The store conveniently has these saw stations. Look for them so you can cut all the posts to the desired lengths right then and there. Don’t worry too much about the rough edges at this point. Those will be sanded down later. The posts you’ll need are:

  • 4 corner posts (the height of the over all bunk bed height)
  • 4 long support posts (precisely the length of the bed panels)
  • 4 short support posts (precisely the width of the bed panels)

The teeth on this saw were too rigid for the plywood. I used my hacksaw at home to cut the panel into 3 panels.


  1. top bed
  2. bottom bed
  3. From the 3rd panel I was able to cut out 2x headboard and 2x footboard

Nail the support posts to the bed panel using the small nails about 1.5″ from the corners on each end. Make sure the nails are small enough to not go all the way thru the post.

Mark where the nails will go to attach the support posts to the corner posts. Mark on the outer corner post as well as the center ends of the support posts. Make sure it’s centered.

Using the longer nails. Hammer at the mark. Tip: you can nail it until it goes thru, double check it’s at the center mark of the support post’s end. Then you can finish hammering.

With the small nails, attach the foot and head boards.

Go over everything with the sanding paper to catch any rough corners. Starting with the top ends of the corner posts. The sanding will prep the entire bed for painting. You can paint using the $2 Acrylic Paints. Usually takes about 2 to 3 coats. This is where the kids come to help. For those perfectionists, no sweat, you can add more coats to it later.