DIY Pillow Cases

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The holidays are here and with it comes the itch to want to make your room look picture book perfect. Handmade pillows are a perfect median from budget price and burn-a-whole-thru-your-pocket store bought pillows. Whether you make them yourself or have someone handmake them for you, handmade can adjust the coziness level to your liking.

When choosing fabrics, any will do but to prolong its use, stick with upholstery fabrics. Outdoor are less comfortable, but do have some amazing prints and can also make great child proof pillows for spills.

Determine the size of the pillow. Add an inch to the size for seam allowance. I.e. My pillow is 18×18 inches so I will cut a square of 19×19 inches. Look for an invisible zipper with a matching color and the same size or longer than needed. For this 18×18 inch pillow, I purchased a 20″ invisible zipper.

Iron open the zipper with a medium heat setting on the iron.

Set your sewing machine to its longest stitch for basting. Baste 1/2″ seam allowance along what will be the bottom of the pillow considering the print or nap of the fabric. Reinforce the stitch on the edges about 1″ inch in.

Iron open the stitch.

Pin the zipper to the open seams you just ironed open.

Once pinned, hand baste the zipper on both sides to ensure it doesn’t move during sewing. This is only a temporary stitch. It doesn’t have to look too fancy. It just has to do the job.

Attach the zipper foot that comes with your machine ….

Sew on the zipper on both sides.

Cut zipper excess about 1/2″ in.

Remove the machine basted stitch.

In the upside, place the zipper vertically in the machine and make a stitch on both ends above the zipper pull and 1/2″ in from the bottom of the zipper in. Unzip the zipper an inch or so and continue to sew the rest of the sides. Unzip the zipper and turn it right side out. You can iron the sides for a more professional finish.