Military Camouflage Print Set

Kids Military Camouflage Print Set

The one thing I remember most about growing up is just being happy. Mom would constantly make sure my sisters and I were aware of the happiness within. There are many memories here and there, but whatever they are, the one thing they all have in common is the feeling of happiness.  Now that it’s my turn to create memories for my kids, my goal is to do the same. Some may involve oh I dunno, perhaps sewing a kids military camouflage print set.

When I started having kids, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be upset if they would not want to wear items that I’d sew for them. I was going to leave it up to them on wearing handmade. Now that they are old enough to choose, it makes my heart happy that they love my work. They’re always proud to show it off to their friends and family making sure they know their mom made it for them. Tear jerker I know, what can I say, I’m thankful that I have grateful kids.

green military camouflage print fabric with buttons and dark forest green thread handmade project

Imagination is such an important tool to so many emotions. Sometimes the purpose is to simply let their imagination roam free without being snapped back into reality for whatever reason. Put their imagination to work by allowing them to get involved in the process on whatever project you are working on. Even if it’s just by helping pick out the fabric as in this example. Help them strengthen their imagination by showing them how it can come alive thru the right process.  They learn to find happiness within along the way thru creativity. Be happy with their final work. Correction is not needed at this time. It will come with continued practice that will happen thru encouragement on your part.

handmade patternmaking kids seamstress kids clothing set

It’s not rare for the kids to go off and play while I work on their stuff and they’ll come in moments later showing me projects of their own.  Many ask how is it that I have time to sew. My reply is, why wouldn’t I make time to inspire my kids? I find that it’s not always about lecturing, it’s about showing them how something is done. Then letting them go and use skills of their own. When they were younger, I’d sit next to them and do what they did, but they’d ask for my input the whole way which wasn’t developing much of their confidence in decision making. Today we still have activities we do together, and there are some that we do separate yet each one creating at the same time. I keep busy doing my own project while they are doing projects of their own. They feel mommy is involved with the activity but because they don’t want to interrupt, they are forced to experiment with their own choices.

girls front pocket with green contrast piping on buttoned down military camouflage print style dress for summer

The details on this set are minimal but enough to create the impact. Sometimes, the fabric alone makes a statement of its own.

matching set girl dress and 18" doll military style camouflage print dress handmade

It’s been a while since I have been wanting to create a brother/sister set. I finally made it happen and along the process, a request for a doll’s dress was thrown in the mix, too. You can image the scream of joy (literally) when the reveal happened as the end surprise.

boys military camouflage handmade button down shirt in green

The fit was amazing. Not too shabby for having to keep up with a growing boy.

son daughter boy girl clothing set girl doll dress set military style contrast print piping sewing handmade
Happiness comes from within. You can’t buy it or find it on the outside even though the right distractions on the outside can help you surface it from inside. You can create it where you are at by a good use of your imagination thru positive things. The engagement between you and your kids surfaces those happy feelings. In the process, they start to learn many wonderful things that will have happiness attached to them. Remember, “It’s not about what you do but how you make them feel.”