Blog Tips

Looking into starting a blog? Let me tell you how I started in hopes that you can take what you feel will help you.

I started a blog when I was a boutique owner. I offered “free” alteration services for the instore items.  If you know about alterations services, you know you can’t get that deal anywhere else, but guess what… I couldn’t even get people to buy into my free services, not because I was that bad, I wasn’t even given a chance. Once I went deeper into finding out why, many had the same answers. They had a prior bad experience which basically ruined it for the rest of us.. lol. The problem was that they trusted their items to anyone that said they can sew.

I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising. Since then it seems everyone has a similar story. What I see is a lack of info out there about what the right way to alterations is. Which led me to create a place where you as my client can read up on how a simple alteration can change your whole outlook on life.

My boutique is no longer open, perhaps one day again. For now, I have had more opportunities thru my blog which has served as my portfolio for hired work. Blogging is about your passion. Something you can’t wait to talk to someone about and tell them everything you know. It’s about the urge inside of you to want to teach about your passion. As with sewing, I’ve learned that you can only do what you don’t like for so long. I’ve now learned what type of sewing projects I want to stick with and which ones I must say no to. Which is really hard because I can’t figure out how to say no to a DIY challenge. Blogging is about posting articles, whether or not someone is reading them. If easy money is your objective, this is not the right career for you.

When people know that I blog, they just smirk. Once I tell them a bit more about what it’s about and introduce them to my blog, the conversation starts to sway the right direction as they see it is a reputable blog. Eventually interest about starting starts to arise. There’s a lot to talk about when explaining the process which is why I find this page very useful for the novice. Hello, and welcome 😉

There are ways to start blog with little investment (assuming you already have a computer). If you are ready to invest a bit more lets see if I can help you.

all products and services stated are used by me and the (*) denotes an affiliated link

Basic Tools: 

  • Computer I’m a fan of iMac* I love the wide screen, clear images, not having to worry about malware etc. It’s just great for design elements. After my blog was set up, I had my laptop and computer stolen, but that didn’t stop me from blogging. My alternative was my phone. For the tasks I needed a computer for, I went to my local library. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have one. Make it work if you so want it.
  • Manuals Because texting is not as fast as typing, I would have my notebook* in hand when inspiration hit and I’d transfer it into the computer on my library days. Even to this day, I occasionally use my notebook. There’s something about writing that flows better than typing. As with physically writing, I use a planner to organize* my  thoughts.
  • Printer I use Epson Work Force Pro 4530* It has amazing quality and never fails me to achieve the best results.
  • Camera Lately with projects, blog, social media etc. I haven’t had time to learn about cameras (which I should) I usually use my phone. For all major projects I have a wonderful talented sister that knows how to work her Canon EOS 600D* like a pro. You can see her amazing work at Kreative Sweet Designs.
  • Energy Blogging can burn you out real quick and wow does sitting behind a screen all day do a number on your body. Take care of yourself for longevity. I’m loving 21-day fix* and the shakeology is amazing. My time is valuable so grabbing my weights* and popping in the CD is easier than driving somewhere. Trust me, you won’t regret this one. My focus is intense and I complete more tasks on my list now then when I thought I didn’t have time to exercise.


Blue Host* along with are an great duo I use. A lot if not all bloggers recommend it’s best to start with paid hosting from the get go and I see it is totally worth it. These companies have great customer service available at all times to answer your questions. WordPress has many free templates and premium versions available. They make it easy for you to customize your website to your needs.

There’s many plugins that make your life so much easier:

  • WP Touch
  • Super Socializer
  • Mail Munch
  • Yoast SEO
  • WP Optimize


After offering free information it feels like you should have some kind of pay for it. Although you do end up giving more than selling, it’s about building people’s trust. When I recommend items, I place an affiliate link. I offer them free information and hopefully they choose to go thru my links to buy something they are were going to purchase anyway at no additional cost to them. I like to attach my Amazon Affiliate link to many of the items since it’s a one-shop stop for just about everything. Not to mention Amazon Prime* offers free shipping to its member which is excellent. I also use

  • Target Affiliates
  • Sharesale
  • CJ Afflilate
  • Rakuten Affiliates

Etsy is a great place for unique handmade items. I go to where my customers are hanging out.

Google Adsense – just add it to your blog and let the money flow in. It’s not much but it’s effortless money you didn’t have.

Social Media:

Social Media is where you find your customer. Besides getting social offline, an online presence is important to reach customers that you would never physically bump into. My main clients are found at:

  • Facebook – Join groups where your blog can be of interest. Help out with advice where needed.
  • Instagram – Remind your customers that you are there and let them in on a little behind the scenes for a personal experience.
  • Twitter – I still need to grasp onto it a bit better, but I’ve heard it’s one of the best sites to be on.
  • Pinterest – This is where my true clients come from. The ones that purchase my services.

Behind the Scenes:

There is a lot of behind the scenes work when it comes to creating your post. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important to rank your pages making them more visible to your potential customers.

How is your blog going? Any points I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comment section.