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Back-to-School Comparison Shopping

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Back to school is always so exciting for me. Do you remember going school shopping with your parents? You get all this brand new stuff. Sometimes you pick your style, other times they do it for you…. Once you get home, you lay out everything, coordinate your outfits, and have a fashion show with your siblings (when your parents aren’t watching, oh good times).

Now as a parent, it’s not so much fun from this perspective of having to foot the bill, but I try to prepare in advance so I can let my kids enjoy their day. School should be exciting, and that starts with prepping for it. Whatever keeps them motivated in their studies, right?

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Nowadays there are more expenses to cover such as sports and equipment, after school classes, and school supplies. So I do have to keep an eye on the budget. I usually start with some comparison shopping online starting with their school supply lists. I keep in mind shipping costs (if any). For example, Amazon Prime* gives you free shipping on all of your purchases. It’s a good time to try it out now with their 30-day trial for like $3 bucks.  Target* has free shipping only on selected items and gives me 5% off each purchase with my Red Card. Finding the right deals helps me stretch my dollar so I can get a few items extra items to personalize their space at home, too.  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

I recently found Mabel’s Label Maker*  This is perfect to personalize their school supplies, and their personal items such as sweaters and back packs.  They even have labels for in home use! Perfect to get a hang on this very much needed organized system.

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The first few years, I chose EVERYTHING for them. I’d offer them options but they’d basically make their selection based on the color. Now that they’re getting older, they are starting to have an opinion of their own and have a few more requests than before. So I make sure I check out the deals on their favorite stores* first and compare them to the other clothing stores.

Once all that is done, I can never forget to make sure I capture these memorable moments. Starting with making space in my mobile phone by printing out a few keepsakes photos. Sometimes I do get it done online, the easiest for me is going to Walgreens and printing them there. While I’m at it, I place my order for their “personalized” First Day of School Sign”. Time goes by so fast, I can’t even keep up with jotting down the year the photos are taken. This has facilitated so much for me. I just order, snap and done. Keep on going with life. I also print and hang it on their work stations.


If I ensure everything is on budget, and on schedule that excitement of going back to school lightens up again as when I was younger. These are moments the kids will always remember as I do now so I want to make them special. What tradition do you remember to keep alive for your kids during this back to school month?

14 thoughts on “Back-to-School Comparison Shopping

  1. I loved back to school shopping! Actually, as a teacher, I still love it! Always looking for the best prices!

    xo Ashley

  2. Back to school shopping was always my favorite as a kid. Now, I am getting ready to send my kids to school for the first time! Ahhh! Great tips:)

  3. I loved back to school shopping as a kid! With my littlest guy starting preschool, we’ll definitely have to budget well to get all 3 ready! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice post! I work in a stationary store and as the school is almost here there’s a bunch of parents coming in with kids. It’s always funny how none of the parents of first graders know what to buy and they get extremely demanding to get exactly what their school suggested. (I mean why would a school suggest the brand of the notebooks if there are better brands, also the kid might not like the design lol)

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